Friday, November 30, 2007

Save Buckets - Compare Prices

When shopping online, it is always smart to compare prices before buying. With so many stores, it is hard to know just where is the best deal. Save buckets is a great site to use for price comparisons. They have a great layout, and an easy to use site. Right on the home page is a great feature showing the HOT 4! products. It shows you the weeks best selling products.

Right now, I use a desktop computer. Our dance studio has wireless though, so I really want a laptop. I'm looking for a really good deal since it is mainly for while I'm out. I just typed in laptop in the search and was able to pull up tons of results. Once you get a general search going, you can then refine your search by category. This is definitely a great option, since typing in laptop yielded many results including toy laptops & even accessories.

Another feature of Save Buckets that I like, are the buying guides. They have many guides available, that will give you tips on how to buy certain things, safety tips, what to look for, etc.

This is a really great site! One that I will be checking out before shopping online every time.

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