Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Silver Jewelry for the Holidays

Silver Jewelry Club offers really nice, quality sterling silver pieces. They only charge $5.99 shipping. I have ordered several pieces from them. I have bought a lot of the charms, a few rings & a few bracelets. I also bought some of the sterling silver chain add ons that you can buy for the charms. These make really nice (and cheap) gifts for girls. I like to buy them & have on hand for my 5th graders birthday parties. What girl wouldn't like a nice piece of real jewelry & they will never know you only spent $5.99. They even make nice gifts for Woman & sometimes even Men. They offer men & teen pieces occasionally. The shipping can be a bit slow, I think they say 6 - 8 weeks on the site, but it usually takes 2 - 3 weeks. That is why I like to prepare in advance & have pieces on hand. Most of the pieces have real gemstones on them, I like to catch my families birthstones. I actually let my daughter wear this jewelry, unlike her expansive gold pieces. You just can't beat $5.99 & there is no Lead in it like all the fun jewelry kids wear from China!!!

They also come in a pretty teal jewelry pouch. Side note to my scrappers, these go nicely on scrapbook pages!

Another site that offers Silver Jewelry for free is Silver Jewelry. They have the same concept basically. They show 6 items at a time. The shipping is a bit higher at $6.95. Still a great deal! Watch the descriptions though, not all the gemstones are real like Silver Jewelry Club. They also come in a little jewelry gift pouch.

Would make great stocking stuffers, something for teachers, etc.

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