Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The Webkinz CHIHUAHUA is the pet of the month for December in Webkinz World. If you don't know about pet of the month, you basically adopt the pet of that month & you get exclusive items. You can adopt any time during the month, but obviously better at the beginning vs the end. Cam decides she really wants the Chihuahua. She had $10 left over from some birthday money, so I found one for $6 on Amazon with $4.99 shipping. I had a $4.20 credit from selling a book, so it worked out great. I even placed my order early on November 17th. Of course, Cam has been stalking the mail box & no Chihuahua, ugh! I went to see if I had any kind of tracking number & notice that the seller just received a bad feedback today saying "Didn't send & no contact". I am so upset. I emailed him, but have to wait till December 11th before Amazon will do anything. I ended up winning one on ebay for $12.99 shipped so I guess that is ok. If I end up with the second one, I will just give it to Aly. She didn't want it, but she won't turn it down either, lol.

If your kids want it, ebay has some decent deals here. Make sure to get the full size, the Lil Kinz doesn't count!

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