Tuesday, December 4, 2007

10 Favorite Things to Complain About

10 Favorite Things to Complain About

Love this topic, LOL

Before my list, I have to say that I agree with the commercial gripes of being too loud & the Sonic one. We also get them, stuff looks so good & NONE around here, ugh!

Ok on to my list :)

  2. My daily Headaches
  3. Coming up with the $$$ for Christmas presents
  4. Ebay fees, they are so high
  5. Drivers, I swear people are getting worse at driving
  6. My car, it sucks
  7. Family, gotta love them Right?
  8. The annoying crap on Disney & Nick
  9. The writer strike, I miss my tv
  10. My hubby's business partner <-- Don't even wanna get into that one!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Great Tuesday 10! Happy Wednesday to you!

Jennifer :-)

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