Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Gift Idea: Digital Cameras

Digital cameras were the number one requested electronic gift for last years holiday season. They are sure to be just as popular this year. More and more people are branching off into the digital age, including kids! Last spring I bought a Canon Powershot S3 and just love it. I chickened out of getting the Digital Rebel and opted to get something similar but still had tons of features. I use my camera almost every day. I love being able to capture tons of pictures without worrying about running out of film or waiting to actually see the photo I took. I use my camera to capture my kids daily life more then ever, plus milestones, holidays, dance class, etc. I also take many more nature pictures with my digital, then I did with my film. Too worried about wasting my film. Another feature my camera has that I love is being able shoot digital video. I use this all the time & have gotten some really great videos. Our library holds quite a bit of events, one time Aly got picked to do a dance with some hula dancers. I actually got to film it! I never would have brought out my video camera with me, so that would have been a missed opportunity.

I carry my camera everywhere that I go. I also use it for taking nice quality Ebay pictures. If you have ever sold on Ebay then you know pictures could make or break the bidding!

My kids each received a nice Fuji camera for there birthdays this year. I figured it out, and the savings of film & developing far out numbered the cost of the camera & memory card. Some days, Cam can take over 100 pictures!

One camera that I'd like to own one day is a Nikon camera. I have had Sony, Canon & Fuji for digital cameras and I have owned Canon, Olympus and Nikon for film.

If you are considering purchasing a digital camera or accessories this Christmas, I would suggest Ritz Camera. I have been going to Ritz Camera since my photography days in high school! They are a wonderful business with high quality products. Right now they are offering free shipping on most photo items and no sales tax online. They sell more then just cameras also, go check them out!

*Photo was taken by my 6 year old while watching fireworks outside our house*

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