Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Kids Crafts Weekly

I just found this cute little craft site today & wanted to share, Kids Craft Weekly. It looks like they send out newsletters & the few I have looked at I like. When I have the time I want to go through them all. I subscribed to the newsletters also. The site is free, but they do take donations.

The mom is in Australia & each newsletter is a theme, very cute!

If you have little ones check it out :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing the link!

I love making arts and crafts with my children! Lately I've been keeping my boys busy with Kabillion's Little Director. It's a kid-friendly online sketchbook you can find at My boys love to spend hours drawing on the site, and the pictures can even be taken a step further and turned into complete animations, with music, voiceovers and everything!

The site also allows you to buy your child's masterpiece on DVD. My boys' latest movie will make a great Christmas gift for my mom. She'll love it! I only know about this because I work with Kabillion, but even I think it's fun. I'm so happy to share this with my children!

Happy holidays!

Crafts and Gift Guru Gal said...

I tried signing up for Kids Crafts Weekly about 2 months ago, and havent received any weekly crafts in my inbox :( Are you guys receiving them weekly? Come visit my blog when you guys get a chance:

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