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Hair styles for girls

Here are the hair styles we were playing with last week that I mentioned. I finally got them uploaded to the computer. We are going to the zoo on Monday, so had to clear out my card :)

New Haircut

I took Aly for her school hair cut. She has been driving me crazy to get her bang cut to the side since before her dance recital. I was hoping to put it off till right before school started. I would have liked to have waited another week or two, but she drove me crazy, lol. It looks really cute though, better then I thought. Her hair is on the thin side, so I wasn't sure if she could pull it off. This pic was after a full day of playing, I forgot to get it right after. The girl styled it & it looked SO cute. Will have to try to do that for the first day of school. 20% off & Contest

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Won $5 Amazon GC Blingo

How cool, I was just doing a search, and I ended up winning a $5 Amazon GC. I got my code instantly too! I also had the choice of 1 movie ticket but the company didn't have any theaters that I go to, so I took the $5 gb. If you want a chance at winning, join Blingo right away! It is powered by Google, so it is a great search engine. Your first 10 searches each day are the ones you have a chance of winning on. Good luck to everyone!

Does your child need a tutor? Back to school

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I know some kids have already went back to school and other kids will be going back over the next few weeks. It is time to start considering whether or not your child with need a tutor. Has your child struggled in school in the past? If they have, you should consider getting them a tutor. When looking for a tutor you want to remember to keep learning fun for your child. I know with my oldest daughter, who does struggle, if it is fun she picks it up instantly. If it boring, or just someone lecturing her on a subject, she zones out. Score Learning centers help children ages 4 to 14 make significant academic progress in an innovative tutoring environment. If you think that an Innovative Tutor is what your child needs, check out Score. They have a very easy to navigate website with centers located in 11 states. They do offer summer programs, and right now you can get 15% off when you enroll for fall.

Join The End of Summer Blog-Abration at Lessons from the Scrapbook Page

The End of Summer Blog-Abration at Lessons from the Scrapbook Page starts this week and runs all month long! Want a piece of the action? Just click the banner to join the fun!

Use plants to absorb toxins in your home

I found this really interesting and wanted to share. If you are trying to make your indoor air cleaner and reduce toxings, USE PLANTS!

If you want to offset the benzene from your gas stove, keep an English Ivy plant in your kitchen.To capture a wide variety of chemicals, including TCE from new paint, benzene from new plastics, and formaldehyde from new cabinets & shelves, buy 2 - 3 chrysanthemum flowers.Absorb formaldehyde outgassing from your pressboard office or computer furniture, keep a spider plant on or near your desk. Get a large easy to care for corn plant for the office, too. It will absorb formaldehyde from new paper, books, cardboard, and pressboard bookshelves.
If you have foam insulation or foam carpet pad or furniture, use a few azaleas.Eliminate fumes from products, oils, gasoline and carbon monoxide in your garage by bringing several spider plants, English ivies and dracaenas on window sills, shelves or corners. Try to give a little sunshine. Another tip, try to…

Tackle it Tuesday

This Tackle it Tuesday, I'm tackling my finances. Going along with my Smart Habit Saturday to get a budget going & working on my debt. I want to get all my bills together in one spot, figure out what I owe. I also want to figure out interest rates, etc so I can figure out what to start paying off first. I have been meaning to do this for a few months now & I just can't seem to finish it. I get started, just never finish. That is my biggest tackle this week. I'm also working on just better organizing my house. School is starting soon & I really want a freshly organizing living space. I have major problems getting my oldest to do homework. It is always a struggle and fight. I want to get a better homework area set up in the next couple weeks. Since my bills are in the same general area, this all goes to together for me. Well off to tackle! Click on the banner to see more moms tackling their homes!

Rob Zombie's Halloween

Rob Zombie wrote and directed the latest Halloween movie to be released August 31st. Aren't you excited and terrified? You have to check out the website for Halloween the movie, it is AMAZING! I have to be honest, I was a bit scared just watching the trailer. I'm not really into scary movies, however I am totally into true crime. If you read one of my recent posts, I mentioned that I wanted to be a Criminal Profiler or some type of psychologist that works with Serial killers. As soon as the trailer mentioned "Manson like murder", I was hooked. My husband is a huge fan of the Halloween movies and Michael Myers. We have seen all the movies. Can you believe the first Halloween movie was in 1978. I was born in '78, so I obviously had to play catch up with this Thriller when I got a bit older. Since it was the first, it is a classic and one of my favorite all time scary movies. There have been several different takes on the Halloween line of Movies. I am v…

Big Brother After Dark

I'm getting addicted to Big Brother after dark, lol. I won't pay to see the feeds, so this is fun to see. I cannot believe the amount of fighting on this season. I'm bummed about Eric getting put up. Too be honest, when I first saw him I didn't think I'd like him. I've seen some of the BB8 blogs mention his eyebrows & I think that was my initial dislike. I really feel for him though being America's player. I don't like this twist at all, I think it is very unfair to put a player in that position. I know watchers don't care much for it & are making really stupid votes in my opinion. Oh well, it is a game. I really can't figure out who will get to the final two. I don't really have a favorite either. I do really hope that Dick goes home soon, I'm so over him. He should have been put on the block just for what he has done to Jen.

Aly's Toe

Did I blog about what happened to my oldest daughters toe? Some boys were threatening to shoot her with a BB gun & she was riding her bike for her life. Two of them tried blocking her & the other girls & somehow she scraped up her toe really bad. It was bleeding all over & the entire thing is all tore up. It happened last Monday, I took her to the dr on Friday. They gave her antibiotic to take by mouth & cream. Our insurance wouldn't cover the cream & it was super expansive. So we just did the soaking like dr said & the oral meds. I had to take her back today to see if she needed x-rays. The dr was trying to avoid it, but she decided today to do them. I will find out tomorrow if it is broken. I saw the x-rays & to me it looked the same as her good foot. Hopefully I was looking at them correctly. I took a pic a few days ago, I will have to upload it when i get a chance tomorrow. It is NASTY!!! It is looking better though. Oh & to…

Going back to school

My kids go back Sept 4th which I thought was on the early side. I see a lot of bloggers mentioning kids going back this week & next. I know a lot are home schoolers & I do understand why they would start early, I would too. I am surprised at how much states vary. At some points I can't wait for them to go back, but I'm also enjoying the summer so much. I love fall but I HATE winter!!! Which comes way to soon in Michigan. I also love sleeping in & I dread the homework fight. Oh the joys of school.

Normally I go on a spending spree for the kids before school starts. Spending hundreds especially at JC Penney. My oldest needs slim & penney's is about the only store that I can find jeans to fit her. Plus I have a charge there, lol (one of the few I do have). I'm really trying to pay off our debt though, so I'm fighting my urge to spend on school clothes. Last week I was fixing my daughters closet & realized she has quite a bit of nice shir…

Smugmug Photo Gallery

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Memory Lane Monday

This week’s theme:Share your feelings and story of when you discovered you were pregnant for the first time.

This really isn't something I talk much about out. My pregnancy I have discussed quite often, but the discovery usually doesn't seem to come up. It is kind of complicated & goes to show how immature you are at 18. I was dating my husband for about 10 months when he started saying he wanted a baby. I have always said that I would never have kids. I had no desire to have children. I wanted to become a psychologist & I actually always dreamed of being a profiler (like Criminal minds). Whatever I went into it, i wanted my field to deal with understanding the criminal mind. Not a job for a family woman, lol. Somehow though my husband then boyfriend got the idea of having a baby in my head. I started thinking about it & really wanted a daughter. Yes I only wanted a daughter, I did not want a son. So I started planning it all out, when I would like to ge…

100 Things about me

1. I've lived in Michigan all my life
2. I've lived basically in the same area of Michigan all my life
3. I got married when I was 19
4. I've been married for 10 years
5. I have 2 absolutely beautiful daughters!
6. I work very hard at home business to keep my daughters in dance
7. I'm an Atheist & proud of it
8. Crazy, I have very high morals! ( I know totally shocking isn't it? )
9. I almost died with my first pregnancy
10. Both my babies were preemies, my body was not meant to have kids!
11. I am a scrapbooker
12. I'm an avid reader
13. I love photography & have since I was young
14. I'm not that creative
15. I love looking at art
16. I'm an animal activist
17. I've been a vegetarian since I was in 7th grade
18. I was a member of PETA in high school
19. I'm not any more because all my money goes to my kids, lol
20. I've been going online for 12 years (since I was 17)
21. When I was 17 I thought it was SO boring
22. I love doing surveys & love even…

Grocery shopping, Target, etc

I honestly have nothing to blog about, but I am doing that 30 day challenge, so had to post, LOL. I slept in late, so it was a good thing that wasn't my new habit, he he. About the only thing I did was go grocery shopping. I also got a free $5 gift card from Target. They sent some catalog about decorating dorm rooms. I almost didn't look at it. I finally opened it about a week after receiving & there was a free $5 gift card inside. The concept is actually pretty cool. There is the gift card & then a matching key chain card. The parents give the key chain to the college kid & then can reload the card for their kids away at college. Very neat idea!

I'm watching that new show Two Corey's on A & E. How funny. I absolutely LOVED Corey Haim when I was younger, seriously I was obsessed with him. I even still buy the movies when they come on DVD. I recently bought Dream a Little Dream from Amazon that is my all time favorite movie. I could go on &…