Tuesday, January 22, 2008

35th anniversary of the legalization of abortion

I am so thankful that Women have had the right to choose for 35 years now. I hope we have at the very very least another 35 years!

I feel so strongly on this issue, that I do not think I can put the words down on how I feel. I have seen posts all day today talking about silent walks for all the dead babies, etc & felt I should post for the other side. Women should have the say, not the government. I know it is a terrible thing & I wouldn't wish it on anybody. I personally do not see myself ever having an abortion, but I feel that I should always be able to make that choice. I do not know what my life will be like in the future, and I deserve the freedom to make a choice. My daughters deserve that freedom to make a choice.

I also think that some people do have accidents, that they are not meant to have children. They know that & do what is needed. What is worse, having an abortion at 8 weeks or giving birth an unwanted child or worse to a crack baby? That baby may grow up abused, neglected, pimped out for drugs by their mother, who knows? Those things happen. The silent walkers, are they willing to pay for all those children, take care of them, love them like they deserve? Not likely. They do not consider that life that child would have led. Yes some may have been ok, but I bet the majority would not have been.

What about these woman, that get pregnant at the force of a man? Do they deserve to have a baby from someone like that? To be reminded of that, to ruin their life over it? To possibly raise a child that will do the same thing to another woman?

Those are some extreme cases, I know from statistics that many women that choose abortion already have children. The why really doesn't matter. Nobody wants an abortion. I also do not believe that the majority are using abortion as birth control. It is not a fun procedure for anybody. It is painful, both physically & emotionally.

There are many things to consider when looking at this issue. The most important is that Women's right to choose! Money should be going into teaching women & men how to avoid pregnancy, teach women to better understand their monthly cycles, etc. Sorry but the Republican & religious nuts out there preaching abstinence only is causing many of these unwanted babies by not teaching ways of protecting yourself.

Abortions will never be stopped, if it is made illegal, women will go back to doing back alley abortions. Then we will not only have the death of the babies, but also of many of those woman. A great website to look at is: The Coat Hanger Project

Also as a side note, there is no guarantee that all of those abortions would have born a live child. Many women get them before the chance of miscarriage. It is an unfair number. I love the saying that God is the largest Abortion doctor! Should we start marching for all the miscarried babies as well, who can we blame for that other then your god???

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