Sunday, January 27, 2008

Actor Heath Ledger dies at 28

I originally wasn't going to blog about this because so many people are already talking about it. I don't think I have seen any of his movies, I was however excited about the new Batman movie. My mom was a big fan & was quite upset when she heard the news. It is very sad, being only 28, not even 2 years younger then me. Thinking about his child & all of his potential.

I think being an actor/actress is very hard, even though they have money and success. Such sadness when I think of how unhappy this successful man was.

What made me blog though, is my utter disgust for Fred Phelps & anyone that is apart of his church. He is going to picket Heath Ledgers funeral. ABC News wrote an article about the Kansas church. Near the end they ask Hate Group, or Religious Freedom? How it can even be called a church is beyond me. Totally disgusting. If I believed in Hell, all of those members would be burning!


Chandra said...

Wow, I had not seen that on the news. I am a Christian and I have to say that their actions are truly sad and un-Biblical. Even worse they are showing the world their own hypocrisy at a time when they should be reaching out to comfort a grieving family. That is what the church was called to do in the Bible! Regardless of what you thought of someone's life, they were to be treated with love and respect. God would be the judge of our sins. That's my 2 cents!

Ginny said...

Thanks Chandra, for the reply! It is very sad, I agree everyone should be treated with love & respect.

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