Friday, January 11, 2008

Book Review ~ Black Friday by James Patterson

I didn't start reading James Patterson until I heard his Women's Murder Club books were very good. I read them & was hooked. Then my grandma gave me a couple. I decided I liked his books & wanted to read all of them. I prefer to read authors from first book to last, etc. I tried reading The Thomas Berryman Number but couldn't get through it. Then I put my idea on hold & read other books. During Christmas, I ran out of my library books, so I started digging through the books I actually own :) I realized a lot of them are part of a series & not the first, ugh! I finally came across Black Friday and was able to read it.

A courageous federal agent, a powerful and resourceful woman lawyer--only they can possibly stop the unspeakable from happening. New York City is under siege by a secret militia group--and that's just the beginning of the relentless terror of Black Friday.  Repackaged from the Pocket Books 1987 Mass Market release, Black Market, also by Patterson.

I had a hard time getting into it at first, but once I got about a 1/3 through I was hooked. This book seems to have mixed reviews. Give it a chance though.
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