Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Green New Year’s Resolutions

Nature Mom's Blog is doing Green New Years Resolutions & I love this idea!

1. Remember to bring my own bags to the store with me. I have them, just usually forget to bring them. I have been trying to use the self checkout registers though because then I can cram my bags full & use less bags. I also re-use all my plastic bags for other things & want to continue doing that.

2. Use less water & electricity. I have been working on it & would like to continue doing that and finding new ways of saving these resources.

3. Keep Recycling. We already recycle but I admit I sometimes get lazy with certain items that I don't feel like rinsing out & taking off labels, etc. I also want to continue taking paper/magazines to the library. They get money for donated paper items, do I like to take the stuff there instead of our service.

4. Along with the paper items, I would like to try & reuse paper more. My kids get so many flyers & the backs are good for notes or homework help, etc. I get lazy & just shove it in the recycle bag instead of reusing it. I think I want to start cutting it up in squares so it will get used easier.

5. Eat more local foods

6. Buy less! This is good for the environment & my wallet :)

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