Wednesday, January 2, 2008

invisibleSHIELD - iPod Case

Last Christmas I got an Ipod 30GB and I adore it! My mom bought me this beautiful Liz Claiborne case for it. Guess what it didn't fit, I was so upset. After Christmas I was on a hunt for a great ipod case. I read tons of reviews and found out that a lot of cases state they fit the 30gb when really they don't. I ended up getting a Pink rubbery case thing because it was one of the few that had a review that stated it did fit the 30gb. After a year, my case is getting a bit grimy, I usually keep my ipod in my purse so I can listen to it at the dance studio. I've been on the hunt for another case, and I came across the invisibleSHIELD. Looks pretty cool, doesn't it? It is made from a urethane film originally used to protect the leading edges of military helicopter blades, the invisibleSHIELD is clear, durable, and virtually scratch-proof. Love that it is scratch proof and don't fret if it does become scratched, there is a life-time guarantee on it! The case for my ipod is only $11.95 for the screen. Plus it doesn't any bulk to your ipod.

There is a full range of invisibleSHIELD cases for all the Ipods, Cell phones, Smart Phones, Camera LCDs, laptops, MP3 players, gaming systems and even for GPSers. Plus they take custom orders. They offer over 1,000 copyrighted precision-cut designs for a variety of gadgets with affordable prices.

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