Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Life Spinning out of Control

Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? My hubby got some bad news yesterday & I honestly don't know how we are going to handle it. Plus my kids dance bill is insane & with the bad news hubby just received, no idea how we are going to pay it. Then with all that on my mind, driving home from dance last night I got in a car accident! Life sucks at the moment.

Today I had a lot to do, hubby had a dr apt & I had one. Kids had dance, homework, etc

I actually feel better today. Still not sure how we are going to manage, but whatever. Take it one day at a time right ...

I will have to get some pics of my stupid car. The front is all smashed, but it still drives luckily. The other car only got a teeny tiny scratch. Seriously drive a mini van they withstand anything. Years ago when I was in high school, a minivan rear ended me. My trunk was totally smashed into the backseat. 1,000's in damages. The guy gets out of his van & starts laughing. He says, "Hey check that out, my car just has this scratch. Oh hey look, it is from smashing your trunk, he he." I was in total shock! I was 17, driving my moms car. Plus the reason for the accident was the person in front of me hit a dog, then took off. The dog went flying back into my car & then the guy behind me doesn't see any of it & plows into my car. The poor family of the dog, came running out & started hugging me & my friend to make sure we were ok. They thought we killed there poor dog. We told them, no it was the car that took off. Crazy!

Anyways, today was all gray & rainy so I didn't try to get any pictures. Plus I was going from wake up time till just a bit ago when my youngest finally fell asleep. I did somehow manage to keep up all my project 365 stuff though :) Not much scrapping though, hopefully soon my muse will inspire me & I will use up some of my stash.


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