Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nothing to write about really ...

Why oh why did I challenge myself to write every day??? Nothing much going on, I'm tired & Cam is waiting for me to read her a good night book {yes it is after 11pm, oops}

Aly lost another molar this week. The tooth fairy brought her $30 Hip Hop shoes, she wasn't too happy since she had to have them, but the tooth fairy thought it was fair, lol. Especially since she also needs $40+ jazz shoes within the month & then $20 lyrical shoes by May, not to mention tons of tights.

We just found out that competition costumes will cost between $100 - 150 each, yikes! Thankfully she is only in 2, some girls are in 5+ crazy! The regular costumes are between $60 & 70 as it is.

My mind is filled with $$$ for dance, hopefully will be able to sleep :)

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