Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today my youngest stayed home sick. This is her first absence all year, so she was bummed. She had that gooky nose though, figured I'd better get her in the dr. I called first thing & couldn't get in until 4:15! One of the doctors called in sick as well. I thought she had a sinus infection, but the dr said he couldn't tell {what} She did end up having a double ear infection. Cam said but mom my ear doesn't hurt. She has an extreme tolerance for ear pain. The last time she complained about her ear hurting, I took her right in. The doctor said it was so bad, we were lucky her eardrum didn't burst. She ended up needing 2 rounds of antibiotics. The same thing happened the time before. Crazy that it doesn't hurt until it gets bad. Lucky for her, but hard to judge for me.

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