Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stay at Home Mom 6 years Now

A Momma & the Boys made me realize today that I have been a stay at home mommy for 6 years now this month. When I had my oldest, I had quit working when I was about 21 weeks along. I was having a lot of health problems. On my last week of work, I ended up in the hospital. I was dying of kidney failure & pneumonia. My work {a daycare} actually didn't believe my mom at first when she told them I was hospitalized. They thought I was skipping out on my last days! I ended up having Aly early in Sept, instead of November. I was turning 20 in February, so I ended up joining a vocational school to learn to do nails. It was free up to 19, so I was able to join the January class still. That was 4.5 months, with only about 3 hours a day. My grandma & mom watched Aly & sometimes I put her in the day care that was provided. It was an awful daycare, but we could pull the kids out during lunches.

That finished around April, but we had to wait till June or July to take our state testing & then a few months after that to find out if we passed. I think it was right after I took my testing, I put in an application for a pharmacy technician at CVS. Me & hubby were having major problems, he wasn't dealing well with being so young, married with a baby. I originally took the job as part time, but quickly went to full time.

I ended up passing my manicuring test, but hated doing nails, LOL. So, I stayed working at the pharmacy. I sometimes did nails for girls I worked with for extra money. Me & hubby separated right around August, so it was good I was able to work full time. I ended up putting Aly into day care. She loved it, she is a very social child. I did have problems though & she ended up going to 3 different day cares over the course of 11 months - 4 years!

Me & hubby ended up getting back together & then I had baby #2 in July 01. I had to take early maternity leave because I kept going into labor. I started having painful contractions at 5 months which really sucked. My co-workers were not caring I was pregnant & gave me no sympathy. I'm not sure how it works now, but the 3.5 years I was at CVS, the pharmacy workers usually ate standing up, we didn't get breaks unless we were super slow {never} & had a high stress job dealing with insurance, angry customers, dr problems, etc. The only good thing was that you were behind a wall & only your head could be seen. We were able to have snacks/drinks right were we worked, so that was nice.

Back to my story :) I took maternity leave & then I ended up taking the extra month of no pay. I finally came back to work just one day a week. I didn't want to put Cam in daycare that young, & my mom was only able to watch once a week. I think in November, she ended up being to sick to even watch one day a week, so I ended up going down to one night shift from 6 -9 while hubby could watch kids. In January I finally decided that was silly & quit. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom.

I'm not going to lie, it is hard with only one income. I do sell on ebay, which helps a lot. Over the years I did try direct sales with Avon, Tupperware & 2 scrapbook companies, along with a few other not so known ones. I never did really well with direct sales though. Anyways, A Momma & the boys has a great post about money saving tips to becoming a SAHM.

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