Thursday, January 10, 2008

Week almost over! Dance Costumes, Shopping ...

This has been a tough week & I am looking forward to the weekend. Today I had to help in my 1st graders class. Tomorrow I have to help sell bagels. Both things I do once a month & it just happens to work out that it is always the same week back to back days. Isn't that how it always seems to go.

Today was the big due date on dance costume deposits. My bill was a measly little $330! & that was just the deposit, ugh! I am buying 11 costumes, 5 for my 6 year old & 7 for my 10 year old. I don't even want to know my balance. When my kids have to go to community college, I will be pulling out the recital pics & dvd's, lol. They love it though, isn't that what matters? Well that is what I tell myself to feel better about these crazy costs. Our studio has an awesome price on classes though, they offer unlimited classes at only $110 a month. You cannot beat that price, my oldest is in 8 classes & that is after dropping 2 of them. We took her out of the musical theater performance to save some money on costumes. I was hoping to drop that all together, but the teacher wrote a special part in for my 6 year old, so couldn't turn that down :)

Ok, I'm exhausted & have to get up early, so off to bed.

I bought some yoga stuff today online, I have been wanting those resistance bands & I finally ordered some online, can't wait to get! Oh & Check out this cool bath & body shop I found today, banner below ~

Lush Skin Care Products

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