Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wife Swap Last Night ~ Spoiled Beauty Queen

I normally do not watch Wife Swap but with all the shows being gone, I watched it last night. Now I have seen them in the past, and I have to say Wow did ABC pick two of the most extreme parents, lol. You have the beauty pageant mom who is living through her daughter and then the ultra feminist mom that is trying to teach her kids to be strong females (which comes across just a bit too manly).

The show had me shocked basically the entire evening. I did tend to side a bit with the feminist even though that family could have backed down some. I was glad to see that they let the middle child act more girly. The oldest I believe is just too smart to care about stuff like that. I think she would have been that way regardless of her parents. Hopefully she makes something of herself!

The beauty queen was very sad. Her mom is living through her & what was with that makeup. Sorry hun, that is not Sparkle, that is Halloween! The poor girl looked so fake & couldn't even read. That is just plain sad. Something was really wrong with that dad though. It was gross watching him spray the tanner on her & even worse watching him watch her videos. It just screamed to me that was something was wrong. Not saying he is doing anything to her, but I think he wants too. The way he treated the mom was terrible. If you watched the show, did you see how mad he got when his daughter learned about strong woman. Something is seriously wrong with that man!

I felt terrible when the girl tried cooking dinner & he said it shouldn't be fed to dogs. I don't know, that man just did not sit well with me.

Oh I loved the Christmas tree in spring & the Christmas present EVERY DAY. What?!?! I sure hope that girl meets a rich man to take care of her, otherwise she is in for a very rude awakening!

* Update ~ You can see a great video of the beauty pageant queen, here *

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Stacy said...

I saw that show too, and I was so disturbed. We wonder what is wrong with American kids these days, they seem so shallow and selfish... um hello! Look at this girl! The Feminazi needed to lighten up, I agree. Her 6 year old was just like my daughter, very girly, and I am just like the older daughter, nerdy!

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