Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Woke up late

I woke up late today, I am like to get up 5 minutes before the kids wake up 8. Today I woke at 8:15, I hate that! I ran to wake up Aly & she of course freaked out. Cam has a dentist appointment today at 1, so I decided to just keep her home. Her long hair, makes it hard to get her ready quick. Aly ended up getting ready in 9 minutes, quite impressed & then included eating!!

My fingers are killing me, I'm only up to 140 entries. Oh my, I just looked & there are 575 listed right now. Totally crazy. My starbucks is a bit hit, I have never had more then 200 comments on my other contests, yeah!

I don't think I am going to have a chance of checking out all the contests, but I will try. Doesn't help that there are so many great blogs, I read to them as well. I have subscribed to a bunch.

Check out this blog to enter for a pretty Apron! Ok off to find something for Cam to do & then take a shower. The dentist is going to be rough, she needs a lot of work done. She has to go today, Saturday & then 1 other day in mid-Feb, poor baby!

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