Friday, February 8, 2008

Big Brother 9 Starts Feb 12th !!!

Did you know that Big Brother 9 is starting this February 12th. One good thing out of the writer strike is we don't have to wait till summer!

You can subscribe to the live feeds here ~

Big Brother 9 Monthly

Big Brother 9 Quarterly

They are also bring back Showtime after dark from midnight to 3am. I'm bummed though because if I watch that, no way my kiddos are getting up for school on time. The only downside to this not running in the summer.

CBS just announced the cast & some of the twists.

You can see the cast at tv guide, right here. Looks like a young group, only 1 older women who is 45.

BigBrotherCraze blog has a ton of new posts about the new show.

Can't wait for this new season, anything has to be better then BB8!

Oh & don't forget the the 12th is also Darwin Day!

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