Saturday, February 2, 2008

Do you have GirlMogul?

What is Girl Mogul you ask? Why it is inside you. It is inside you and it is inside your daughters! It is an attitude, a way of approaching life that says you can be and do what you dream. It defies convention and stereotyping and is inspiring and encouraging. GirlMoguls come in all ages, shapes and sizes. It’s an approach to living that encourages big and little dreams, to forging your own path.

I absolutely love the philosophy behind this webstore. Having 2 girls, it is an inspiration.

The Mission
GirlMogul is a multi-media company dedicated to encouraging girls to dream big.

The History
When Founder, Andres Stein was shopping for clothes for her niece and then her own baby girl she was horrified. There were
way too many princess t-shirts and not enough shirts featuring strong and resourceful girls. With that in mind, she created the
GirlMogul series, featuring four girls who dream big. The GirlMogul series shows that girls can grow up to be anything they
want – a CEO, a Rocket Scientist, even Leader of the Free World. With a multicultural palette and a range of Girls – there is
sure to be something that speaks to your girl.

Reach for the Stars Kids Hoodie
Reach for the Stars - Bags & Gifts

Looking through the site, I totally think of my tween daughter. She is 10 and growing up way to fast. Tons of peer pressure already, plus boy problems. Yikes, way to soon. I want to install a high self esteem and sense of worth for her. I had that growing up, and never felt like I needed to drink, smoke or do drugs growing up. I want that for her as well. Being so active in Dance really helps her out. She is focused with lots of confidence. Whenever she starts to have issues at school, I try to remind her of how much she has to offer. Dance seems to always be what ends up making her feel better. I don't know if it is the great friends and teachers, seeing herself do well or just the major amount of workout she gets. When I saw that GirlMogul had a design that says "Reach for the Stars, and you just might land of the moon." I thought how perfect. They have a full line of products for each design including bags, water bottles, t-shirts, sweatshirts, even a stuffed bear. I know the hoodie would be her favorite, isn't it cute? Priced really affordable at only $21.94 in the kids. They even have clothes for the Adult GirlMogul!

Go check them out, great for any girl or woman! Learn about the 4 GirlMoguls, chat on the community board or shop shop shop!

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