Monday, February 25, 2008

Doctor Update & Review: Peace Love Mom thermal

On Thursday I had my appointment to find my biopsy results. I had a hard time getting myself ready. I kept finding other things to do, basically stalling. My appointment was at 11:45 & I literally walked in the door at 11:45. That is only because it was an easy drive there with no traffic which has been unusual.

I basically have been going the entire week expecting the worst, that I did have thyroid cancer. Figured it would be easier to handle. I know that it is one of the best you can have with high cure rates. When the doctor didn't call to change my appointment sooner, I started thinking maybe I would be ok. I was getting myself all geared up to fight with the doctors about waiting till summer since I needed to be there for my kids school & dance.

When I got there, they thankfully didn't make me wait to long. There have been times where I have waited an hour in the room for the doctor. I hate that! I'd rather be in the waiting room with other people, then those tiny little doctor rooms. Anyways, he came in & my test was negative. I was like Oh really it was. Total shock! I do have to go on a low dose of Synthroid to see if that will stop the nodule from growing. My blood work comes out normal & my nuclear scans usually come out either high range normal or low range of hyperthryoid. Hopefully the med works because my nodule has slowly grown at every 6 month ultrasound I have taken since January 2005 (when we found it).

I decided to wear my Lucky Mom thermal shirt to my appointment. Wanted all the luck I could get & since I won my Lucky Mom shirt figured it would be a good luck charm. Plus it is super comfortable, unbelievably soft! Mine is a size Medium & I love that it fits true to size. It also a bit longer, so you don't get it riding up while wearing it. Being a mom, you need comfort. You don't just get comfort though, you get a cute top too. The color is really nice as well. I have already gotten a lot of compliments whenever I wear it. My kids think it is funny that is says Lucky Mom, lol.

The customer service is wonderful as well. Every email I sent, was immediately responded too. Very friendly!

If you have a second, go check out Peace Love Mom. They have a really cute selection of tanks, thermals & tees. If you own one, snap a picture of yourself & email it to them. They will send you a tank top for free! Offer ends March 17th or whenever supplies run out.

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