Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Funny from my little Angel

Last night I was reading Junie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky Fruitcake to Cam. We get to a part where Junie B is practicing throwing a wet sponge & it lands in the toilet. Then she flushes the toilet & it overflows. My little angel bursts out laughing and says ~

Cam: Remember that time I overflowed the toilet?
Me: Yes I do
Cam: Remember how I was trying to clog the toilet with all the toilet paper?
Me: Um, no I didn't know you were TRYING to clog the toilet {sweetie}
Cam: Yeah I wanted to watch you, then she proceeded to pretend to use a plunger because she didn't know what it was called.
Me: So you really did try to clog it, I thought you did that accidentally
Cam: At this point laughing hysterically, No I wanted to watch you use that thing!! I didn't know it would overflow
Me: So you didn't know it would overflow, you just thought it would be funny to watch mommy use the plunger
Cam: Yeah that stick thing, that would have been funny

I couldn't believe it! See how we think kids do things on accident & they are really do it on PURPOSE.

Unbelievable, little stinker.

I thought it was funny that she even remembered it. Now I need to go grill her, I mean ask her about some other incidents

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