Sunday, February 10, 2008

Smart Habit Saturday ~ Laundry

I haven't done a Smart Habit Saturday in a long time, but Laura's goal about laundry inspired me to actually post something I have been trying to do. We hang dry a lot of clothes, all of my husbands shirts, almost all of Aly's clothes (shirts & pants), and then quite a bit of my tops, jeans & most Cam's tops & some pants. I used to try & do loads specifically for hang drying to save on dryer. Then I got lazy & just started doing loads like normal & hanging part & drying part. This past week I decided to do some loads of just hanging to save on drying. I'm determined to make this my new habit.

We actually do not have a lot of room for hanging clothes & depending on time of year, we sometimes I have issues with them actually drying in the basement. We are not allowed to hang clothes outside, silly isn't it. Especially with all the Environment issues that we are facing in this day & age. There is no way to do all our laundry by hanging, so I will be drying socks, undies, towels & other linens, plus my t-shirts (I like them shrunk) & hubbies pants (he is funny about his pants being in the dryer, lol). Should save some money in gas & hopefully help the environment some.

I also want to get to the point that I am caught up with laundry. Right now I only do about 3 loads a week because if I do all my laundry, we do have room for all of our clothes clean. Us girls, love our clothes, lol. I really need to go through & get rid of some stuff I don't wear. Another habit for another Saturday


Jenni said...

Oh, I wish we could hang dry our clothes! We live in a tiny little apartment, and we aren't allowed to run clothes lines on the back porches here because they think it looks tacky. Sucks, since not only is it free, but sunlight is also a natural stain remover and germ killer!

Thanks for your input on my early rising quandary! It really helps to hear that "Early to bed, early to rise..." is not necessarily true!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Rebecca said...

Good luck with your new habit!

The Lazy Organizer said...

I have always hung quite a few things too so it's not a big deal to start hanging all of it.

Have fun going through your clothes. It will make laundry so much easier!

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