Saturday, February 16, 2008

Smart Habit Saturday

Last Saturday I started this back up again. I had been working on sorting my laundry for all hang dry & all dryer loads, so try & stop using the dryer as much. So far so good!

This week I only did 1 dryer load & it was towels & sheets. I have to dry those, so did pretty good.

This week, I'd like to start working on removing my make up at night. I am terrible at doing that & I wear make up at least 5 days a week & usually all 7.

I think the way to meet this goal is to take it off when I know I'm in for the night instead of waiting till I'm ready for bed. By then, I'm tired & don't want to deal with it.

Let's revisit my few other habits ~

Walking ~ This habit is on hold till the weather gets nicer. I did really well though before the cold winter set in. I still try to park farther back or walk more in the stores, etc.

Keeping the kitchen table clean ~ I've had my ups & downs with this one. It is actually clean right now & has been for a few weeks, umm I mean days, lol. Hey I'm trying!

Play more with the kids ~ Still doing this one :)

Finances ~ I'm doing good, well finances suck but I'm doing good with what I got

Water ~ I'm not doing well with actual water, but I have cut down my pop so much. I have been drinking a lot of iced tea & hot green tea!


Christine Rockwell said...

Great job with your laundry habit! For me, the best make up remover {and most convenient} is baby wipes! I always have them around, they work like MAGIC, and leave my skin soft as a baby's tushy! Good luck with all your other habits, have a SMART week!

The Lazy Organizer said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one hanging up the laundry. My son is still mad about my new rule! I wonder if I should give him a break and let him use the dryer. What do you think?

Thea said...

Great job on cutting down on the pop!

dawn224 said...

wow! good for you!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you're doing great on your habits! I think taking off your make up when you're in for the night rather than right before bed is a great idea. Have a great week!

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