Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Salon ~ Review last 2 weeks

I think I forgot to post last week. Let's see, I finished Dead Witch Walking. I really liked it & can't read to the next book in the series. Then I read T is for Trespass. I felt like I was waiting FOREVER to get that book from the library. Back in 2006, I read the entire series A is for Alibi through S is for Suspense. Which I finished on new years eve because I was determined to read everything in that year, lol. Then in 2007, I finally got around to reading the Stephanie Plum series, so it was nice to get back to Sue Grafton!

Then I read Kiss the Girls. I picked that up with T. It was a quick read. I was going to finally get to the 2nd Kim Harrison book, but I found Midnight Club by Patterson & decided to read that. I was hoping to start up Jack & Jill which is the 3rd book in the Cross series, but waiting on the library.

I'm liking it so far, but it isn't as quick of a read as I thought. Patterson says it is one of his favorites, hopefully it will be one of my mine as well. I've read a few chapter today which isn't much since his chapters are like 2 pages, lol. I'm hoping to get more read tonight. I'm getting anxious for the next Kim Harrison book at this point :)


Anonymous said...

I've just set myself up with a personal Award reading project and one of the first awards given this year has been to Sue Grafton for the 'is for' series. What better excuse could I need for going back to the beginning and working my way through the whole series again. Down to the library this morning, I think.

Ginny said...

Oh yeah, that sounds like a great project! I love her series, I would love to go through & re-read it. It was nice reading A through S in one full year, I'm kind of glad I waited to read them. Just because I didn't have to wait for each book to come out. I will definitely be re-reading them again in a few years!

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