Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Salon

I have been reading Kim Harrison's book Dead Witch Walking. I'm really enjoying it. I've had it for awhile now, but I tend to read library books before reading the books I actually own. I've only got one library book and I do not like it really. It is a young adult book that I heard was good & thought would be a quick read. I just can't get into it though. I'm holding onto it though in case I have the urge to read it after finishing this book.

I want to read the next Alex Cross book by James Patterson, just have to get a hold of it.

My brother also told me about a good Dragon book that he is reading. I might try & get that book as well. Plus I need to see if my library carries the Dexter books, my brother told me they are supposed to be quite different from the tv show (which I love).

Ok, going to try & get a few more chapters in today. I'm going for biopsy this Wednesday, maybe I will get some reading done when I'm taking it easy. That will be one of the few things to keep my mind off of it :)


Literary Feline said...

I have had Kim Harrison's book on my shelf for awhile and hope to get to it sometime this year. It seems like I say that an awful lot. :-) The price of having so many books to read, I guess.

What book is it that you are having trouble with?

I have read the first two Dexter books and enjoyed them quite a bit. I like Jeff Lindsay's humor.

I hope everything goes well for you on Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I know just what you mean about the library books. I don't know why I ever buy books because there is always a pie waiting from the library that have to be read before they need to go back to be circulated amongst other readers. It's fatal ordering them.

Debra Hamel said...

I hope things are okay for you today!

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