Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tomorrow is a day of rest! + Upcoming stuff

A message to all members of Blog 365

Tomorrow is your chance to put down the keyboard and act like a normal human being for a day.

Feb. 29th is the official Blog365 day of rest!

Now that blogging is such a habit, can you go a full day without doing it?

Rest up now, we still have a lot of year left ya know.

And no blogging about not blogging either! That's still blogging!

I'm excited for the break! Watch for my review of Gloves in a Bottle when I come back!
(Love it!)

Saturday is Aly's dress rehearsal for her first competition! Things are totally crazy. We are having major costume issues, like Aly's is still not in! Our back up is a dress some girls were last year, so we have temporarily borrowed one from a girl who has a costume. What irritates me is that now, they might not be in until after the 2nd competition. Well then she only has 1 more to do. Do I really want an expensive costume for 1 competition??? Ugh, frustrating. Plus the owner & one of the teachers ordered these hideous wigs for the girls to wear. They are dancing to Barbie Girl & they think they would look cute with synthetic hair! The girls that tried them on, looked like bad drag queens, it was horrible. The group Aly is in, has these ones that look like old fashioned telephone operators, so bad. I will try & get a pic Saturday. Should be loads of fun! I'm trying to remember why I signed up for all this stress, especially with the insane costs. Oh yeah, my darling daughter begged me to let her. Why do I have to love the brat so much? LOL

I really don't understand how those pageant moms do it. This is driving me crazy & from what I have seen of pageants, this is nothing.

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