Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tv Strike Over, Update on shows returning & Big Brother 9

Finally, the strike is over. I'm so bummed because my favorite new show, Journeyman got canceled during the strike :(

E-online has a list of a bunch of shows that will or will not be returning this season. Here are the shows I watch ~


What We're Hearing: One Bones castmember tells us the strike was "very emotional and surreal" and that while they don't yet know how many more episodes they might produce this season, things look good for a return to the set. Another cast member tells us: "I would assume that production would start back in two weeks or so." However, sources tell us there is no decision yet on whether Bones will go back into production this season.


Executive Producer Matt Nix Says: "The truth is that we were very lucky in that the strike corresponded almost exactly with what our hiatus would have been anyway. So, really, if it ends today, we go back into writer prep next week, and we go back on the air at about exactly the same time but with more episodes. I think this actually gave USA a little time to kind of be happy about the show. So, we're incredibly lucky. Honestly, in all this talk to show runners, there are a lot of shows that had to make really horrible sacrifices. We were not one of those shows."

What We're Hearing: Burn will get a bump up to a 16-episode season this summer. That's four solid months of Michael Weston. Whoo!


Executive Producer Marc Cherry Says: At the SAG Awards, Marc told us: "I think maybe I could cram in seven episodes [before the end of the season]. It would take us about two weeks to get back into production. I'm chomping at the bit. The moment the starting pistol is fired, I'm off and running. I'm ready to go, I just need the okay [from the union]."

What We're Hearing: At this point in time, six episodes is more likely than seven, but don't worry, there will be plenty of Wisteria Lane hijinks on your TV come May sweeps.


What We're Hearing: Absatively, posolutely assured of a third season, but exactly when remains to be determined.

Chuck & Heroes

Both plan on coming back in the fall.


What We're Hearing: House is expected to return with four to six new episodes beginning in April. Wheretofore Chase and Cameron? You'll know the minute we do.

Alyson Hannigan


Executive Producer Carter Bays Says: "We're unbelievably stoked to be getting back to work. The chance to finish out the season is a dream come true in pretty much every way: getting our crew back on the payroll, getting our staff off the picket line and back in the writers room and, most of all, actually writing again. And doing eight more episodes will feel really good. And I couldn't imagine a season-three DVD with just those first 11 episodes on it. Eleven episodes didn't feel like a season. We're TV, not HBO.

"I'm glad we struck and I'm glad we got what we got, but at the end of the day we're writers. We all just want to write."

What We're Hearing: CBS has made no official decision regarding HIMYM's fate this season, so we'd like to remind Les Moonves that a complete season would be legen—wait for it—dary! TV without Barney Stinson is like a world without sunshine.


Executive Producer Mark Schwahn Says: "Although we have six new episodes left, no one is more excited about the end of the strike than we are at One Tree Hill. With our four-year jump ahead, we're having an outstanding year creatively, and despite standing alone on Tuesdays, our numbers are routinely second only to Smallville for scripted dramas at the CW. We'd love the opportunity to continue season five, and if the WGA's new contract is ratified, hopefully we'll be able to do just that. If not, we'll see you for season six."

What We're Hearing: The See-Dub has requested five or six more eps to finish out this season!


Executive Producer Steve Franks Says: "While we wouldn't dare call it over until the votes are counted, we all just want to go start writing again.

"We have our furniture rentals on hold and are excited to go down to Costco and purchase about $3,000 in bulk snacks for our office kitchen with the NBC p-card. So, if you're planning on going in for any Sweet & Salty Peanut bars in Manhattan Beach any time soon, you better hurry, because we're taking everything on the pallet and anything that says 100 calorie and cookie on it. For good measure, I'm going to put some all-weather tires on the credit card, too, since NBC/Universal will probably be too swamped to notice when the bill comes in, and I've never driven to Mexicali before.

"As for Shawn and Gus, I have no idea what will happen this season as I signed the 'pencils down' letter at the start of the strike and actually wrote nothing, then got used to writing nothing, started kind of enjoying writing nothing, and now I gotta come up with 16 good ideas and figure out what to get my wife for Valentine's Day? In the same week. Holy crap, I gotta run.

"Thankfully we have an awesome staff, and they probably figured out their Valentine dilemma on the own, which puts us halfway there.

"But whatever it is that happens, I know it's going to build on the shocker of an ending we have for our season finale Friday. Did I mention who directed it? Let's just say he's looking for Valentine ideas."


What We're Hearing: Reaper will resume production shortly and finish out its first season with five new episodes. <--- I started watching this show during the strike, it isn't bad. I'm still surprised this made it but Journeyman didn't, hmmm


What We're Hearing: Our all-time favorite Smallville source (SWAK!) tells us the CW wants the show to produce five more episodes this season.


What We're Hearing: Despite what you have been told, sources assure me, "WMC isn't dead. We're still in discussions with the network." Developing...

For more information on where the rest of your favorite shows stand, check out the Watch with Kristin section on E! Online

Don't forget, tonight 9pm CBS, BIG BROTHER 9

Watch Big Brother 9 24/7 on SuperPass

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