Thursday, March 20, 2008

365 Day Journey ~ Day 80

Prompt 80

"She wore blue velvet
Bluer than velvet was the night
Softer than satin was the light
From the stars
She wore blue velvet
Bluer than velvet were her eyes
Warmer than May her tender sighs"

Bernie Wayne/Lee Morris

I still have to get the pic, today's prompt is pretty fitting though. I'm feeling pretty blue, just got some crappy news from my husband. Will see if I can get myself to take a pic later.


Misty said...

i love your new design!!!!

Ginny said...

Thanks so much Misty! My old design would have been better for summer, but I loved this one had to change it. Plus my summer design during the dark winter months cheered me up, lol.

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