Monday, March 31, 2008

First Week Operation Spring Weight Off

mom weight loss

I have decided to participate in Jen at One moms World’s Spring Weight Off Challenge. I'm technically not overweight, but I'm carrying about 5lbs more then I want to. The problem with that is it is all my stomach area & it drives me insane. Luckily it hides well which is why I have avoided doing anything to fix the problem. I would love to wear a swimsuit again & I need the motivation. I keep saying I'm going to start to exercise; I look up workouts on the net. I also tend to tear them out of magazines & file them away. I always have an excuse not to actually exercise. This week my kids are home for Spring break & just this morning I thought ok next week I will start when they go back to school. When I saw this challenge a few minutes ago, I had to sign up. I usually avoid things like this because I don't need to lose a lot. I feel funny signing up when women are really struggling with weight. I feel that I really need to lose the extra pounds in my middle though, especially since that is a big risk factor for women. Plus this extra weight happened about 3 years after having my second child. I lost all my pregnancy weight with both my kids very quickly. I do have major thyroid problems though & I believe that was where the weight gain happened. That worries me, so I'd love to prevent any more weight gain from happening.

I honestly do not want to put my weight down, but I want to lose 5lbs.


Jen @ One Moms World said...

Thank you so much for joining in with us. I know after my first daughter I lost my weight very quickly but my tummy area still didn't look right and I was in the process of working on it when I got pregnant again.

Misty said...

what a great challenge. I should go over there... I had to read it about 6 times, (should probably have my reading glasses on) I kept reading "sing weight off" and I couldn't figure out how you would do that!

Mel said...

I know what you mean! I have had the same pesky 5 lbs to loose for years, all in my easy to hide belly.

For some reason I have always acted as if watching or reading about a work out was the same as doing one.

It isn't working.

Ginny said...

Jen ~ Thanks for doing this, great motivation!

Misty ~ Too funny, lol. Definitely won't sing the weight off, would be nice if that was an option though. Probably still wouldn't though, I cannot sing to save my life!

Mel ~ Yeah really I do a lot of reading about it, too bad that didn't work. I think the tummy area is the hardest to get rid of, I hate it!!!

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