Friday, March 21, 2008

Goofy Spring Break, Easter eggs

Well today is usually the start of spring break for kids. Our school is being goofy this year. The girls have today & Monday off. Then they go back Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Friday is either a half day or no school, can't recall. Then they have all of the following week off. Crazy huh!

Can you believe it is Easter this weekend? I am so not ready. We are going to die eggs tomorrow. Eggs have gotten expensive. I ended up buying a 2.5 dozen of Medium eggs at Kroger. A dozen usually go so quick with each of them, I figured the extra half dozen would at least be a bit more.

We usually end up giving a bunch to my dad to make deviled eggs. This year Cam asked my dad if he was going to make those egg things. He was like, Deviled eggs? She said: Yes, Don't. She doesn't want her eggs taken, told him to use white eggs. We sat there trying to explain to her that he makes them so they don't go to waste, etc. Finally Aly just said, Cam he can have mine dont' worry. She is so upset over the thought of HER eggs being taken. Should be a fun Easter.

I haven't even boiled eggs yet, have to look up how. Every year somehow I forget. I will need to post here how to boil them for reference next year, lol.

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