Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks day

Have a ton going on today. Tired from the weekend! Both girls have dance right after school. Aly has her talent show rehearsal.

Wanted to say Happy St. Patrick's day. Will hopefully be back to posting more tomorrow. Enjoy the day.

Don't drink & drive !!!


Amy said...

Hi Ginny,

Just wanted to let you know that you won my handmade bag that I was giving away for the Ultimate Blog Party. I tried emailing, but if you didn't get that you can contact me through my blog. I hope you hear from you soon, so I can send it out to you.

Congratulations! And, Happy St. Patty's also!

~ Amy @ Memoirs of a Mommy

Amy said...

Sorry, my profile didn't show up correctly on my last comment. You can contact me through this one.

Sorry! :)

~ Amy @ Memoirs of a Mommy

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