Thursday, March 6, 2008

Month of Stories Tag Book

Found this cool project on Cathy Zielske's blog: Can you tell little short stories, on and off, for one continuous month of your life?. I love this & plan on doing it. I printed out a bunch of march tags (she also has april & may posted) yesterday on white cardstock. Now to get to work, maybe my scrapbook rut will finally come to an end?!?! If you are playing along, please comment with a link to your pages :)

Presenting the "Month of Super Short Stories" Tag Book...

...So here’s the thingie I’m making (with an emphasis on making as it’s not even remotely done). I’m getting everything prepped to do a tag book that will span one month’s time and be a cute little holding pen for random everyday story snippets and photos. I will begin collecting said data on March 1.

...And what are you going to record? Whatever the heck you want to, but the challenge is this: just pick one thing from the day you're recording, and write down a little tiny story about it. The tags I designed for this mini-book only give you so much room to write, so the exercise is all about choosing your words carefully, and realizing you don’t need to write a thesis to adequately capture a moment/story/bit & piece of your daily life.

Maybe you will write about your wild success with laundry on a Tuesday. Or the way you had a massive, institutionalization-worthy meltdown on Saturday. Whatever goes, goes. Just find a way to write a mini-record of one thing from one chosen day.


Hope said...

Thank you for this post! I visited Cathy's blog to see what the project was all about. Fascinating! I just love new ideas. And I think I can do this one. I am going to start small....maybe just look at Easter week as a beginning. Well it's a start!

Ginny said...

Your welcome, glad I could help! I'm not planning on doing every day, but I figure even every couple days will be great to have! Easter week is a great idea to do :)

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