Monday, March 24, 2008

Survey Sites that I like ~ Quick & Easy ways to make some extra Cash

My survey is one of my favorites. 1,000 points = $10. They also have gifts you can redeem for, but I always cash out at $10. A lot of surveys, say they offer 10 points, but they can lead to higher point surveys if you qualify. I have been using them for years & really enjoy the surveys. I have also tested a ton of products including baby, household, health/beauty, food, etc. You also get points for referring friends, so click on the above banner if you are interested in signing up.

Pinecone Research is another favorite. I believe you have to find a banner for that one. When I signed up years ago I found the banner from a coupon board site (bigbigforums). They pay $5 with each survey. I have also tested some products.

Epoll is another one. They seem to have more entertainment type surveys which are a lot of fun. They have a wide range of products to redeem points for. I recently redeemed for a Target gift card, and I usually get Amazon GC's.

Partner-ship Plus is one I really enjoy. You do one survey a month which is a log of all the clothing you have bought or received for yourself each month. You get 200 points each month + a 50 point early bird bonus if you do the survey within the first few days of the month (5 I believe). They also give bonus points at the end of each year depending on how many surveys you have completed. It is quick & easy. They have a higher payout, but it is nice getting a $75 check. I think it takes me just over a year, but like I said, it is quick & easy. They also send out bonus surveys every once in awhile.

Below is a list of check values and points needed:

  • $75 - 4250 points
  • $100 - 5500 points

Below is a list of Reward Choice Certificate values and points needed:

  • $10 - 800 points
  • $15 - 1200 points
  • $20 - 1500 points
  • $30 - 2000 points
  • $50 - 3000 points
  • $75 - 4250 points
  • $100 - 5500 points
Survey Savvy is another one, they come & go for me.

I've also used SurveySpot & Bzzagent. I don't get as much out of those. Gozing has never paid me & Greenfield online has mainly turned to sweepstakes so I have quit using them.

You can also find a list of top survey sites & info on them at Survey Police.

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