Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things coming out of my 10 year olds mouth

I think moms tend to document our babies & even our little ones, but we tend to forget the little things when they get older. I recently was looking at some of my old scrapbook layouts & came across one of saying my younger daughter (6) said at two. Since I had recently been thinking about an annoying thing my 10 year old daughter has been saying, I decided to document some of her sayings.

Sweet, That's Sweet, etc


You rock, That Rocks, etc

Frik & What the Frik

Ok, now the frik is what has me annoyed lately. I think it is totally inappropriate. Which I have told her, yet she keeps "accidentally" saying it. Now my husband (the carpenter) and my brother (the kid that started swearing at age 4) think there is nothing wrong with her saying it. My husband even told her, Aly just don't say it around Mom. I was like WHAT? Hello, show some support here.

Now am I overreacting? I personally don't swear, my mom always said Ladies don't swear, & I just never picked up the habit. My mom on the other hand, swears about as much as my hubby, brother & my dad (which is a lot).

Please way in with your opinion!!!


Chandra said...

My Alyssa (the almost 5 year old) recently went through a thing where she always said, "What the head". We all knew what she was trying to say but didn't know where she heard it. We told her what she was saying wasn't ugly but it sounded like something that other people say that is ugly and that we thought she should stop saying it.

Now, my Abby (7) has taken to calling everyone "Woman" and I don't know what to think about that. "Are you crazy, Woman?" "I'm cold in here, Woman!" "That's the silliest thing I've ever heard Woman!" I don't even think she knows it's derogatory.

Misty said...

I would have a hard time with Frik. I hate the whole "effing" thing too. GAH!!! I am laughing so hard at the comment before this and "what the head?" That is too cute...

Ginny said...

Chandra, my youngest did that with Woman. Whenever she said it she would laugh after too. She says such goofy things, I almost didn't think anything of it, lol.

Misty, yeah I hate effing too! She says some other things similar. I cannot stand it! I just keep telling her it isn't nice, ugh!

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