Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ty 2.0 Virtual Hampster um guinea pig

So, the tricky little leprechaun left the girls each Ty Beanie Babies 2.0 Fluffball the guinea pig for St Patrick's day. We were really busy yesterday, so they entered them into the computer today. My 6 year old went first. We go to ty.com & enter it in. Once registered, they show the guinea pig just like it looks in real life. Then this lightning bolt comes & hits the guinea pig. Then you see it being struck by lightning in a cloud of smoke. Then you see this growling, snarling guinea pig. By this time my daughter is screaming, what is happening to furball? (that is her nickname, lol). She is practically in tears, looking totally shocked. This goes on for a bit more & then you see Fluffball turned into a virtual guinea pig. Then a stalk starts to grow because they live in a bean land. OMG it was crazy.

Then when my 10 year old went to do hers, I made sure hubby watched. At this point we are laughing. My 6 year old was still freaked out watching the same thing happen to her sisters. After it was all over, even hubby was like that was a bit much for kids.

I wonder what they were thinking doing that, lol. Must not realize how kids feel about there stuffed pets & virtual friends.

We had conferences today & dance, so didn't get to play around to much. Will have to check it out a bit more tomorrow. Cam played awhile on it while we were at dance, but never had a chance to ask her what she thought of their newest virtual pets.

When I saw Ty had what I thought was a hamster, I had to buy it. Both kids have been driving me nuts for hamsters & I do not want them. They are a mess & I had a bad experience with hamsters.

When my husband & I were dating, I had the bright idea to get a boy & girl hamster to share as a pet. I was still in high school at the time. I think the original mom & dad lived with hubby. They quickly, and I mean quickly had babies. Then they had more babies. We gave away so many hamsters I lost count. I ended up with 6 babies at my house. One day, I woke up. I casually strolled over to check on my hamsters & noticed there was only 5. Then I noticed a big pink lump of muscle? body? whatever. All I know is all the fur was gone, the head was gone, the hands & feet were gone, even the little tail was gone. Just a big pink lump laid there. I freaked out & went screaming out of bed room. Wouldn't return till my dad came & took the hamsters. I refused to let them back in. I ended up giving the remaining 5 away. That was about 12 years ago & still have that image in my head. It was so so awful, ugh!!!

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