Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Letter B ~ Big Brother, Great Blog Hunt, Blingo

For April's NaBloPoMo the theme is Letters. I'm making things easier on myself & going in order & the end of the month we will have to see what I come up with, lol. Yesterday was A for April Fool's, so today is B for what else BB9 :)

Today is the next live eviction. Either Josh or Sharon will be going. Looks like it will be Josh. I cannot believe James pulled it off again, especially after his breakdown over Chelsia & then with Sheila. The diary room footage of James being so happy about Sheila making him feel good really made the huge fight make a lot more sense to me. I felt so bad for him, he genuinely seemed very happy that Sheila was talking to him in the Sauna. That had to have been so upsetting to overhear her right after. It was nice seeing him win the POV. I hope he takes HOH tonight. I still don't understand how people have kept Sheila in the game. She is the one causing all the problems everyone. I honestly cannot stand another week of hearing her talk & saying the same things over & over again. She is dangerous to all of them, you would think they could band together for week & get rid of her. I bet James is regretting taking her off the block, which I thought was a mistake when he did it.

I wish they'd show Chelsia walking into sequester with Matt. I used to love when they did, seeing the evicted houseguests reactions. They didn't do it much last year, I think because of all the controversy Amber caused. I'm hoping they do it more frequently this season.

I have someone taking Aly home from dance today, so I can watch the live show tonight (that isn't why, just worked out that way, lol). Woo hoo, I cannot wait to see who wins. I hate all the power Team Christ has, lol. Love that team name, has to be the best EVER! How silly. Natalie drives me nuts, but I actually like her a bit. I love when she gets all excited and acts like a kid, lol. I just wish they would all stop saying an Atheist shouldn't win, it shouldn't matter. I think it is funny though when Sheila says it the most since she has a crush on Evil Dick {the winner of BB8} He was very vocal about how he felt about religion.

Don't forget that the Great Blog Hunt starts today. I've found 4 or 5 clues already & I have loved every blog I have checked out so far. I have tons of tabs open in Firefox right now because I want to go through & read better all the great blogs participating.

Ok my last B topic for now, Blingo. I am so mad that they switched from Google to Yahoo. I have not had an easy search since the switch. The results are so funky with yahoo. Google was always right on, now it takes me pages of sifting or changing my search a bunch of times to get results that came up in the top 1 or 2nd spot with google. I'm still going to use Blingo at least a few times a day to try & win more prizes, but they lost me as a frequent user. It was the only search engine I used, but not anymore. I think it is 10 searches a day for a chance to win prizes, so I will just do what I remember each day & that is it. I hope they go back!

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