Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Photo Shoot

I was not going to talk about this on my blog since it is everywhere right now. However something kind of funny happened last night, so thought I'd blog about it.

First if you haven't heard and btw where have you been? Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana did a questionable photo shoot with Vanity Fair recently. I first saw the pictures on the View, then turned on the computer and was bombarded with it. I personally thought the picture was totally inappropriate. My first thought was why would these adults in her life ok this? And why did Annie Leibovitz ever think it was artful to have a child naked with only a cloth covering her? If I took a photo like that and published it of my children, I'd be arrested for child porn. I find it interesting that in her interview with the magazine that accompanies the spread, she called the back-baring shot "really artsy" but not "in a skanky way" and said "You can't say no to Annie."

Miley did issue a statement of apology and that makes me even more upset. I don't feel that this is any way her fault, nor should SHE feel embarrassed over it. If anything, her parents, her managers, even Vanity Fair should feel embarrassed, not a 15 year old girl.

I can see how they are saying the shot is artsy, and you know it would be if she was 18! It is a beautiful picture of it with little make-up, but she is still a child and it is inappropriate.

Now for the reason for my blog post :) Last night, my 6 year old was watching Disney Channel. She started asking me if Miley Cyrus is as popular as Vanessa Hudgens. I said I think she is a bit more popular, why? Then my daughter asked if she had pictures taken of her {Miley}. I was like Why what did you hear? I thought it was so odd for her to ask this right after the big scandal erupted yesterday.

She just said she was wondering if she had pictures like Vanessa did. Then I start explaining that she had some pictures taken for a magazine, and I asked her if she heard something at school. Of course, she said she had not, so I opened my mouth for nothing. Then we got to have a fun conversation all over again about pictures, etc. When the Vanessa scandal happened, my mom had told the kids that sometimes when you are famous people take pictures of you. What made her ask me about Miley Cyrus last night, I will never know. What weird timing. I wonder if maybe she saw a news commercial or something flipping channels and heard something about a picture.

Luckily my girls never heard about the first or second picture scandals that involved Miley. I really feel bad for her, she is only 15. All girls do silly goofy things and with the ease of digital cameras and the internet, it can be a bad mix. It is also hard being a mom of young fans, trying to explain all this stuff.

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Lei said...

Um yeah, where HAVE I been?! I just threw my dauighter a Hannah Montnaa party not too long ago. Ugh, just when you think it's safe to let your daughter into that world... I'd heard about this briefly but did not look into it. Oy.

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