Monday, April 7, 2008

Operation Spring Weight Off - Week 2

mom weight loss

It's week two of Operation Spring Weight off. I've been doing good with drinking more water, and really cutting down pop a lot. I usually only drink it now when I take my girls to dance because I buy those 16.9 oz bottles (does anyone else hate the goofy sizes they come in now 16.9 or 24, ugh). One day this week, I actually drank water while out which is rare for me, lol. At home I drink a lot of tea. Sorry just cannot stomach a ton of plain water, I get so sick from it.

I'm only trying to lose 5lbs, so I was happy when I actually dropped half a pound. With the kids home for spring break, it was hard doing any type of exercise just for me. Even eating right is hard with them for some reason. This week I want to step up my exercising & start adding in more fruits again. I love fruit but with Michigan weather, I don't seem to eat as much in the Winter. It is starting to get nicer out though & I am more in the mood for it.

My biggest goal this week is figuring out my exercise plan. I always rip out articles & save websites but never actually put it into motion. I am going to get that going this week!

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Sara said...

i'm with you on the water, i'm drinking lemonaid crystal lite, but its better than 4 dr peppers a day right?1

A Box of Chocolates said...

Congrats on the half pound! I am a big fan of those little packets that you can add to water bottles. I really like the Crystal Light lemonade. Would those help? Hope you have a great week.

Nan said...

It was hard for me getting away from the sodas but I did it and it feels so good. I'm on to water but I know what you mean sometimes you just can't stomach too much of it. Keep up the good work.

Nell said...

I'm not with anyone on the water. I'm a water person. I find it refreshing. Maybe because I know my body needs it. I flavor it with lemon sometimes or lemon ice cubes. I even warm it up, put a bit of galic in it and drink actually tastes quite good to me. lol

Congrats on that half pound and drinking some water!

Jen @ One Moms World said...

Good job! You are doing good too about the water. Some people its just naturally hard to stomach all that water.

Here we go onto week 3. Let's do this :)

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