Saturday, April 5, 2008

Smart Habit Saturday ~ Updates

Well it is time for me to add another new habit. Why I'm not sure because I still need to work on the ones I've already started :) I really want to work on keeping my car clean. In the winter I let it slack & now that it is getting nice out, I want a nice clean car. I've already been getting on the kids to start bringing in their garbage every time they get out. Now I just need to clean it out & keep it up. I'm hoping tomorrow will be somewhat decent, so I can get it emptied out & start on my new habit.

My other habit updates ~

Laundry ~ Doing great on this one. I've been averaging one dryer load a week. The weeks that I have went without any, seems I end up doing 2 the next week. I've decided to just be happy I'm only doing one dryer load a week :)

Walking ~ This habit is on hold till the weather gets nicer. I did really well though before the cold winter set in. I still try to park farther back or walk more in the stores, etc.

Keeping the kitchen table clean ~ Doing good, has helped with the kids off all week on spring break. My problem comes with school work coming home & being so busy at night with dance.

Play more with the kids ~ Still doing this one :)

Finances ~ I'm doing good, well finances suck but I'm doing good with what I got

Water ~ I've been drinking tons of tea & barely any pop. In my world that means I'm doing great with this water habit :)


Rosie said...

With little people it is hard to have a clean car! I know that it is for me. It is a great goal to work on. I am trying myself to make sure that I don't leave anything. Consistency--that is the key!

The Lazy Organizer said...

Way to go with all your positive changes! I can't wait for better weather so we can get our van cleaned too. It's a muddy mess but I don't want to wash it when it will just snow again the next day!

The Happy Housewife said...

Ugh... I need to work on the car thing too. It is hard to do when you share it with 6 little messies!
I am on day 5 without soda... it is going okay, I don't miss it too much, yet!


Misty said...

look at you! you are doing amazing!!! Awesome.

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