Friday, April 25, 2008

Tired Tired Tired

Anyone else exhausted from entering all of those great bloggy giveaways? I finally got through the list a bit ago.

I've also had a busy week. My 5th grader has so much stuff going on since this is her last year at Elementary school. We've been doing this great field trip to Starbase at our local military. It is 5 sessions for 5 hours each. The same parent has to go to each one for security reasons, so I have been busy with that. Last week, she went to visit the middle school & this week I got to go see it. It is a newer school, and is set up totally weird. Hopefully she does ok. They do a really good job of separating each grade from the other.

Both girls also had a birthday party today at a local bouncing zone. That was fun, but too much excitement this week. My house is a mess, my email is insane & I need to do laundry, lol. Have to get some sleep, another day of dance tomorrow. Plus I have a book that I am dying to finish!

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