Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday ~ New Pop Star Outfit

We went shopping with my grandma last week during the girls Spring Break. The girls each got 2 new spring/summer outfits & some shoes. The entire time, Cam was not really caring too much what we picked out. She had no favorites & was pretty much happy with anything suggested to her. It took forever to get her to actually pick two outfits that I was confident she would wear in the summer. Right before walking to Aly's section, there was a big 75% off Clearance rack. Cam found that skirt with the attached gold leggings & gold belt & would not walk away from it. It was so funny, thankfully my grandma was willing to indulge her & spent the $6.97 to buy it. The shirt she got for Easter & the new Sparkly pink shoes were also new. She fell in love with those as well. They are toddler Keds, she was able to still fit in the 10 which was the highest they could go. Hopefully we get at least a couple months out of them, she started wearing size 10 in September, so there should be a growth spurt soon.

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Patty said...

What a cutie pie

TorAa said...

Absolutely adoreable.
By som reason we got simulare ideas this WW

Misty said...

the skirt and leggings are WAY cuter than I would have thought. you know? when you see something on a rack and wonder "What were they thinking???" but she looks adorable!

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