Monday, April 28, 2008

Xtra Xtra Weight Off & Exercise Links {abs}

mom weight loss

I have been bad & forgetting to post my results. I've been keeping up on the fitness though. I've lost about a pound and a half since starting this. I honestly didn't think I'd lose anything since it has been so long since I lost weight, so I'm excited. I've been thinking about what I have been eating & thinking about my health & fitness. This is the reason I joined this challenge, so I'm feeling good.

I always go & buy a Sunday paper. Yesterday was a very nice day & I realized that was a perfect reason to walk to the gas station & buy the paper that way. Give me a reason to walk & give my car a break. I can't believe I haven't thought of it before, lol. I plan on doing this more often now that the weather is getting nicer. Except we are supposed to have snow this week, what?

I found some good exercise resources on the web & thought I'd share ~

20 Minute Park Workout for Moms
Abdominal Reconditioning
Simple Abs Workout
Flat Belly Diet

If you are looking for ideas on food or exercise, Prevention's Website is awesome!

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