Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ginny's Weekly Recap

I have decided to start doing a weekly recap of things that have happened this week. Part of why I blog is to keep track of things going on in my life. Some things I never get around to posting, so I thought maybe this would be an easier way to get things recorded.

This was a big week for my oldest daughter. She graduated 5th grade on Thursday! It was a cute ceremony. They put together a very sweet dvd with a bunch of pictures of all the kids. We were able to order a copy for $3. We still have dare graduation, a fun night & a field day. There is so much going on before school gets out.

So you think you can dance started back up again this week. I only caught part of Thursdays show. My kids & I love this show, we've been watching it since it started. One of the reason that I really like this show is it is real people trying to achieve a dream. The talent is just amazing! I can't get over the hip-hop dancers. The things that they can do, usually with no training just amazes me. Robert Muraine was just amazing. Click his name to see his audition, seriously crazy! Twitch is another favorite and Victor Kim. There were a couple girls that I really enjoyed as well. Kherington Payne was one of them, I can't find the name of the other girl. She was the one that had been all over the place last year, she did good this year. Of course, Sex, came back on the show. Seriously is that guy crazy or what?

My new favorite snack is Banana Chips. I've always liked them, but for some reason have been craving them lately! I bought a big container of them! I was snacking on some at dance the other day. Some mom was like, you know those aren't good for you right. I was like WTF? Such an odd comment. The other lady we were talking too was like, ok. The women just kept saying, just didn't want anyone thinking they were eating a healthy snack. Very strange!

I recently finished a ton of books, including Real Murders by Charlaine Harris, California Demons by Julie Kenner and 7th Heaven by James Patterson. Thinking about reviewing them, we'll see. I just started reading Long Ride Home by Susan K. Marlow, which I will be reviewing, so stay tuned!

Fun Blog to check out, The Fail Blog. Very funny pictures, really enjoying this blog!

My first post went live on Chrysanthemoms, go check it out here. Feel free to leave a comment :)

I have a bunch of reviews coming up as well. I already mentioned Long Ride Home. I will also be reviewing Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake, the Couponizer and a few other things!


Nit said...

Thanks for the comment :)

I also love "So you think you can dance"...I don't know what's better, the truly talented dancers or the ones who don't have a clue! :)

I also see that you are a scrapbooking Queen! I am just getting into this & it is so addicting (and expensive)! But, fun & stress-relieving nonetheless.

Rachel said...

Cute picture! Thanks for sharing.

Q said...

Here from NaCom, thanks for commenting on my blog!

The link to the Fail Blog is hilarious, thanks for that.

Also, the only dance show I got into was "Your Momma Don't Dance". I was touched by how hard the clumsy parents trained for their kids! (pregnancy hormones, probably) :D

Aunt Becky said...

You're so cute! Happy graduation! My son graduated first grade this week and, wow, maybe, JUST maybe I got a little teary eyed.

Storm said...

I love reading book reviews. I do them on my blog as well.

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