Friday, May 23, 2008

Review ~ This is ME Kid's First Keepsake Journal

I received one of my favorite products so far recently. It is called This is Me, A Kid's First Keepsake Journal. Being a scrapbooker, this product totally called to me. I love when my kids scrapbook, but to be honest it can be very difficult. They love the decorating part, but hardly ever do any kind of journaling. Trying to keep up with 2 kids, can also be hard to do. In comes the Kids Keepsake Journal.

The journal is 8 1/2" x 8" and has 96 pages. It is wire bound, so it does lay flat to make it easy for kids to draw and write in. It is made from #80 Cougar opaque archival paper which is keepsake quality. You can find a detailed list of the pages here.

I gave the journal to my six year old to work on. There is a lot of drawing involved, so I figured my 10 year wouldn't be interested. I have to admit I was wrong, and she was pretty ticked at me for only giving one to her sister. My daughter has been having such a blast using this. There are tons of places for drawings, her favorite so far is the page on hair. There are 4 heads, your kids get to draw there hair When I wake up, after it gets brushed,when it is fancy and in my dreams. The drawings are priceless. Cam drew when it is fancy in a blond bun with a pink ribbon around it. My favorite is in my dreams though, she drew long blond hair with pink highlights.

The books are geared to be filled up in one year. They recommend starting a book each year either on your child's birthday or a school year etc. It of course isn't a must though, you can start the books anytime. Then after each year, start a new book. I really can't stress how priceless these books will become. I know that to many, scrapbooking can be a daunting task. This is a great way to still capture some of those memories, thoughts, glimpses into your childs mind. With the questions already there, it is easy to just fill in the answers. With the artwork, you child can be free to express themselves.

With the book being under 9", they are easy to store as well!

The website, has a fun gallery for kids self portraits as well. You can send in a scan of your childs self portrait for a chance to win a This is Me journal each month!

The recommended age for the book is 3-8. Another bonus, they are printed in the USA! If you are interested in purchasing a book, they are $20 and can be bought here.

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Susie Harris said...

Thanks for that idea on the journal. I think my 7yr old will love that. I will too. I love scrappin'. Nice to meet you. Susie H

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