Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer Memories of the Water

PBN and Huggies® Little Swimmers® disposable swim pants have teamed up and are asking bloggers to reminisce about our family summer adventures - especially those in the water!

I have to be totally honest, most of my favorite summer memories are in the water. When we were little, we used to go to my grandma & grandpa's all the time because they had a pool. My mom would take my brother & I, my aunt would take my 2 cousins. We used to have so much fun swimming. The thing my cousin & I liked the best of course was jumping in. That was a huge no-no, so anytime our grandparents were looking away we did it. We used to get into so much trouble, lol. After swimming, we would walk up to Bunzo's for popsicles or ice cream. Most of the time, we were allowed to go alone, so we felt so grown up.

Of my most recent summer memories, that would be between the Beach & our Pool. The beach has to be one of my favorite places to be at. My husband constantly talks about moving out of Michigan. My one request is there has to be a beach in driving distance! Trust me our Michigan beaches aren't the greatest, but I love them just the same. Have to have a beach! With gas prices so high, I am finding that I am loving our memories from our own pool now just as much. The girls just love swimming. I love watching them learn new things, get more daring. My youngest was petrified of the pool just two summer agos. She was on a whale blow up & it flipped upside down. Now this happened in the split second that me, hubby & even my father happened to all be looking at my oldest throwing a ball. My husband realized she was flipped & flipped her back. She was just traumatized so badly by it. I was surprised she held on the whole time, if she wouldn't have, she probably would have floated right up. Anyways, last summer she got right into the pool & started practicing going under. We were so proud of how much she accomplished just from one year. I can't wait to see what she does this year!

To participate:

Write a post about your family summer adventures. Post anytime this weekend - Friday, May 23 through Monday, May 26. Make sure to link and somewhere in your post. Then email the link to your post at

The winner will receive a “Summer Fun Essentials Package” - a beach bag filled with summertime must-haves such as beach towels, pool toys, a sand castle building kit, and a cooler. Plus, products from the Huggies® Little Swimmers® line, of course!

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