Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thyroid Doctor Update

Today I had my doctor checkup for my thyroid. My nuclear scans come out that I am hyperthyroid, but my blood work comes out normal. My doctor feels that everything is wrong except the blood work. I also have a nodule that has been steadily growing since we found it January 2005. About 3 months ago, I went in for a biopsy & thankfully it came out fine. My doctor put me on Synthroid to try & stop the growth.

Ok so my checkup, I'm told that now my blood does show that I am hyperthyroid, so I need to cut down my synthroid & go back in 4 months. Now that explains why my heart has been beating so fast, I've been super anxious, etc. I was actually considering go to my regular doctor to see what meds they could give me for stress. I have never wanted anything like that, so the fact that I even considered it tells me something. I think I'm going to skip my lower dose tomorrow to see if that helps me feel any better.

On top of that, I got some crazy itchy rash under my arms a few days ago. Went to the doctor for that yesterday am on steroids, creams, 2 kinds of allergy pills, ugh! The doctor wanted to give me a shot, but I opted for the pills. He told me it wouldn't be as fast, but I figured I'd already been itchy & in pain for days, why not a few more. I hate shots! I've actually already seen improvement, so glad I went the pain free route, lol. I'm also supposed to not use deodorant or shave for a week, but I'm going to take my chances on that one. I'm just one of those women that need a daily shower, daily shave, deodorant & make up. I have never been one of those moms that skipped showers, etc because I had kids. Nothing wrong with it at all, don't get me wrong. I just can't do it.

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