Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blog your face

The girls over at Chic Critique are doing a little Blog Your Face event. The rules of the make-up bag tour:

1. a picture of your face, bare naked, unmade-up and fresh as a daisy
2. a list of the skin care and make-up products you use daily, with brand names and colors/shades
3. an "after" shot of your face all prettied up

If you get to the end of this, there is a make-up question about tweens & makeup, please help!
Ok here is my after waking up, yes oh so pretty, lol.
I wash my face in the shower. I use Serious skin Care Glycolic Cleanser. Then I use Serious Skin Care A-Copper moisturizer & Sole Facial Sunscreen. I usually put something under my eyes as well, brand varies depending on what I grab. I think I'm using that Q-10 stuff right now. Personally I have tried tons & never notice a different from the brands. For my make-up, yes drugstore! I prefer to buy a little bit more expensive moisturizer over make-up. Plus everything pictured above was free or super cheap by shopping the deals at CVS.

I just started using the mineral powder from Cover Girl. I like it, I never use foundation, so this helps smooth out my skin tone & helps my oily t-zone area. I also have the concealer that I use as needed (both those items were also free).
I just started using the Almay for hazel eyes. My eyes are green-blue hazel, but the green Almay was browns & I always wear browns. I liked the grays, so went with that. I paid .99 for that eyeshadow by the way.

Then I put eyeliner on my upper lid. I just started wearing black & it from Revlon. I normally just use brown from Wet and Wild. Yes I only, cheap but it works well for me & why pay more. I got the black for $3 but it also came with a quad eyeshadow that I had been wanting & black mascara.

Then I put on Black Mascara. I always wear that, even if I don't end up wearing make-up that day. Can't live without that. I'm using Max Factor right now. When I wear darker colors, I then add black eyeshadow under my eye. I usually don't do this if I'm wearing browns. I don't wear lipstick. I have super chapped lips, so I just use a clear gloss or Vaseline. I'm not wearing blush in these photos, when I do I like peaches/corals over pinks. I usually do my make up in 5 minutes, so I almost always skip blush.
Looking at the picture, I think I look better in blush. I might have to add that back to my routine, lol.

Ok now for my serious question, What age should girls start wearing make-up? I was allowed in 6th grade, but didn't start till 7th grade. My 10 year old is going into 6th grade is driving me nuts. The thing is, I have caught her wearing make up several times over this past school year. Every time, she has said, No I don't have make up on. I can SEE it though & even wipe it off. She will deny it over & over till finally after like 10 - 15 minutes of me non-stop telling her she better tell me the truth. I have allowed play make-up, but she can't go anywhere. She ends up using friends make-up though at school & over there houses.

I'm just not sure what to do about it. Do I just allow her to wear it or should I say no because of all the times she has lied or snuck make-up?

I'd love some input on this. Thanks in advance because I just know that all you make up wearing women & mommies want to help me out with my crisis {yes crisis, lol}


DC said...

I don't have a problem with little girls wearing makeup, as long as it's done in moderation. "Less is more." I think it's better for moms to teach their daughters how to properly apply makeup, so they don't end up looking like clowns or (even worse) streetwalkers. Then again, I'm not a mom (yet), so what the heck do I know?? ;)

dcrmom said...

Thanks for playing along! You look great both ways. I actually thought you had something on your eyes in the first picture.

As for your daughter, I was in 6th or 7th. I say, let her wear a bit of eye shadow and blush, show her how to apply, and require your approval before she wears it to school?

It's tough. I wouldn't want to make too big a deal out of it, but I would want to monitor it so it's not out of control. Good luck! I have two daughters, so I'll be in your shoes soon enough.

Jodi said...

You look great either way!

KC said...

I dont' have a problem with it at all and I am a mom and ITA with dc..LOL
I have two dd one is 12 and one is 6.. I had never made make up off limits and I think I started buying them there play make up in preschool..
They never really wore it out of the house.. but if I was putting my make up on to go somewhere and they asked for some, I would put it on for them.. a very light pink eyeshadow that you could hardly see, maybe just a little shimmer on there eyes that all, then I would use a clear lip gloss on there lips and they thought they were all grown up.. When my oldest was 10 years olds she started to do her own make up and since I only bought her lighter shades that is what she had come to love so NO biggie.. you would almost have to look close to see it there.. she is now finishing up the 6th grade At the start of 6 grade she was wearing it daily before she left for school making sure it was on, then it got old.. Now it isn't an every day thing for her.. and normally the only thing she does is add a little eye shadow, mascaira and a lip gloss

I wouldn't want her walking out of the house like a clown(though they do play that way at home even at 12 years old just visit some of my blog post to see those results LOL) but since I showed her the lighter colors how to apply them and what looks good and never made a big deal of it, we don't have fights, lieing or any drama over make up..
NOW her clothing choice that is a different issue LOL.

KC said...

LOL and after my big long book like comment, I forgot to say you look great in both your before and after shots.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion young girls wearing make-up is fine as long as it's done moderately. If the decision is made to allow her to wear make-up I think it would be a good idea to teach her good basics. It is also a good idea to then keep her away from foundations for now and always make sure she washes it off and moisturizes afterwards. This will prevent her skin form going bad at such a young age and will give her more responsibility (possibly changing her mind at the end because of the over-all hassle). Hope it works!

PinkDawn said...

You look so great w/o makeup. I wish I could say the same about myself.

As for the girls in makeup. My oldest is almost 6 so I haven't had to deal with this yet, but I think it's fine in 5th or 6th grade- if it's just a little blush, lip gloss, and maybe mascara. No eyeliner, shadow, or foundation- especilaly not for school.

Nicky said...

Here from NCLM. If I remember correctly... as a kid, I was allowed lip gloss and a little blush starting in 7th grade, no eye makeup until 9th. That was late enough that, to this day, I hate wearing eye makeup, and I never got the hang of putting it on....

palmtreefanatic said...

my daughter is 10 not too much into make up, but I never will have a problem with it as I wore it plenty when I was young, my mom always had to gussy me up for many dance shows so I was used to it!

You look great!

beverlydru said...

I'm a first time visitor checking out the brave souls who will bare a naked face. You get the badge of courage AND beauty! I learned, as you have observed, that it was better to supervise my daughters' ventures into makeup rather than have them wearing horrendous borrowed colors that were slapped on without direction. Welcome to the tween years of mothering. I'll pray for you! : ) (God IS faithful!)

Amanda said...

Well...obviously I'm not there w/my dd yet...but my parents kinda eased me into it I guess. My mom bought me like a couple of subtle eyeshadows and some blush when I was 11, and showed me how to use them. It was a while before I cared about wearing anything else, it was a compromise, I suppose. But I just thought my mom was being cool. With all the other fun preteen stuff coming up, it may be one of those things where you pick your battles, esp. if she doesnt want to be wearing a full face of makeup. I guess I think it's better than starting a pattern of behavior where she has to sneak around and hide things from you, since it is relatively minor.

Janne said...

Very pretty!

Around here I have a no-make-up-until-age-16-rule, but I do allow my 10-year-old to wear VERY light make-up (like pale lip gloss and light blush). I trust her to be discreet, whereas I couldn't trust my 16 year old to be so discreet. She would always putty it on.

I guess in my opinion, it depends on the child.

Dawn Ward said...

You have beautiful eyes and look great both ways.

As for the makeup question. I have a daughter, but she is only 7, so we haven't really run into this problem just yet. She has brought it up a few times because she sees me wearing makeup, and I tell her she is too young. However, I am studying to be a Christian image consultant, including modesty in dress and makeup for tween/teen girls.

My mentor, Shari Braendel of Proverbs 31 Ministries, has been an image consultant for over 20 years and travels the country doing teen and women's conferences. She has the following policy about makeup for girls. She says that in sixth grade, girls should not even be wearing foundation. Their skin isn't ready for it yet. She says if they want to wear a little powder because of blemishes, then that is okay, as is some clear lip gloss. She suggests adding some mascara and possibly a hint of cheek color in about eighth grade. She doesn't feel that girls should be wearing eyeshadow/liner until high school.

Interestingly enough, at the conferences she does, she shows a video where she interviewed middle and high-school-aged boys, you know, the really "hot" one's :-). Universally, they all said that girls wear too much eyeliner.

I'm sure each situation is different, but I thought this to be a good rule of thumb in general.

Ginny said...

Thanks every body for the comments, I really appreciate them!

My daughter is actually pretty good at putting on make-up. I guess all the practice of sneaking it, hoping I wouldn't notice helped, lol.

My biggest concern was her sneaking it I guess. If it wasn't for that, I would have been fine with light make up in 6th grade.

After reading all these great comments, I think I will stick with my original plan of light make-up.

Hopefully this summer I can get through to her the importance of not lying & that I need to trust her & the make up won't even be an issue anymore.

I truly appreciate all the comments! If it wasn't so late, I would be leaving individual comments to you. I will as soon as I get a chance.

Thanks again everyone & feel free to keep chiming in. I'm totally loving the feedback :)

Oh & thanks everyone on the comments about me. That is very sweet. I never even would take pics of myself until I started doing Self portraits from a scrapbooking blog this year. Everyone made me feel very good. Thanks!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

I love your eyes! I have never been good at doing eye make-up. I try hard... but don't always get it down. Yours look effortless and beautiful! What's your secret!?
- Audrey

Laura said...

I have to say you look realy good!

About the girls and makeup...we allowed our 8th grader to start with a LITTLE bit in 6th or 7th...she always had to pass inspection before leaving the house. I know some girls are more determined and care more about it than others. Personally, I wasn't allowed to wear makup until after I moved out...I think that's WAY too extreme....

Stephanie said...

Blog Your Face is such a fun event. Thanks for sharing your favorite products. You look great - before and after. :)

Not sure about the make-up issue. That's a toughie. My daughter is a toddler so I don't have to think about that just yet, but I'll look forward to reading what your readers say. I'll be "there" eventually...

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