Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ginny's Weekly Recap

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I finished reading Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson and I have started reading London Bridges.

My 5th grader graduated from Dare this week.
My daughter also had her 5th grade get together on Friday. It ran from 5 - 9 and she had a ton of fun. I had to work 1 hour of it. She is becoming a true tween/teen because she kept telling me it was ok if I wanted to leave, lol. I finally gave in & ran to Michaels & Joanns. It was kind of funny because I wasn't even staying by her, i was talking to other moms or working. The fun of kids growing up :) I came back about 8:45 & she ended up making plans to go over a friends house overnight. I could have just left early & enjoyed my evening, oh well.

My youngest had her end of year class party. It was a lot of fun. The teacher was daring & let them finger paint. Thankfully, mine was in the first group so it was clean. By the second group most of the paint was brown. By the end, the table & floor were covered in paint. About 1/3 of the class had paint all over clothes. They also had relay races, ice cream, freeze dancing & bowling with pop bottles.

I bought Cherries, so good! I wanted them last week, but none of them looked good. Worked out because this week they looked better & were only a dollar cheaper @ $2.99 a pound.

We had another practice of the girls Musical Theater class. It was going pretty bad, so we had to add another practice for yesterday. They got the play down to hour and half like it was supposed to be. It was a long day & i'm not sure how my 6 year old will hold up for the actual show. I wanted to just pull her, but she told the teacher she didn't want me to. I swear if she cries at the show, I will scream!

It hasn't been that nice out this weekend, but the girls have been getting wet all weekend anyway. Wanted to go in the pool, but it still is a bit green. Hoping it clears up for next weekend. The girls are going crazy to go in it.

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